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ISO/TS 8000-65
PD ISO/TS 8000-65:2020

Data quality. Data quality management: Process measurement questionnaire

Last updated: 11 May 2023

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30 Jun 2020


What is ISO/TS 8000‑65 about?

ISO/TS 8000‑65 is part 65 of the multi-series standard that specifies a questionnaire to audit the performance of the processes specified by the process reference model in ISO 8000‑61.

The following are within the scope of ISO/TS 8000‑65:

  • Guiding principles for generating questions from the process outcomes specified by ISO 8000‑61
  • One or more questions for each outcome of every process in ISO 8000‑61
  • A measurement method based on a simple indicator and measurement scale for each question
  • Guidance on how to present the results generated by the questionnaire

ISO/TS 8000‑65 will help you audit the performance of the processes specified by the process reference model in ISO 8000‑61.

NOTE- The following is outside the scope of ISO/TS 8000‑65:

Defining how the questions relate to models of organizational process maturity

Who is ISO/TS 8000‑65 for?

ISO/TS 8000‑65 on process measurement questionnaire for data quality management is useful for:

  • Business process departments
  • Information systems departments
  • Data processing departments

Why should you use ISO/TS 8000‑65?

The ability to create, collect, store, maintain, transfer, process, and present data to support business processes in a timely and cost-effective manner requires both an understanding of the characteristics of the data that determine its quality, and an ability to measure, manage and report on data quality.

ISO/TS 8000‑65 establishes a simple measurement method, based on the high-level reference processes of ISO 8000‑61. Evaluating the data quality management implementation of an organization. Each question has been derived from the outcomes of every process in ISO 8000‑61.

ISO/TS 8000‑65 provides a questionnaire for data quality planning, control, assurance, and support. ISO/TS 8000‑65 also provides a questionnaire for resource provision.

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Domain: Horizontal

Key Information

Organisation: ISO, BSI
Committee: ISO/TC 184/SC 4
Relevant UK committee: AMT/4

Referenced standards: ISO 8000-2, ISO 8000-61, ISO 10303-1, ISO 8000-64, ISO 8000-63, ISO 8000-110, ISO 8000-150, ISO/IEC 8824-1, ISO 8000-62

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