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ASTM F 3470

Standard Guide for A-UGV Capabilities

Last updated: 11 May 2023

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9 Sep 2020


This guide is intended to be used by manufacturers and users of A-UGVs: (1) to fully define capabilities of their A-UGV(s) or (2) to allow the standard requestor to describe the A-UGV capabilities required for the requested A-UGV to align with assigned task(s). A-UGVs that are covered within ASTM Committee F45 are industrial vehicles that, for example, can be automatic guided vehicles through mobile robots, can be pre-programmed-through-autonomously controlled, can operate indoors or outdoors in infinitely diverse environmental conditions and therefore, with infinitely diverse functionality. To fully describe and measure the usefulness of these vehicles, functionality can be divided into categories where associated capabilities can be independently measured. This guide therefore provides a decomposition of many, perhaps not all, categories and capabilities that are typical of current A-UGVs globally marketed.Copyright © 1996 – 2023 ASTM. All Rights Reserved.

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