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ISO/IEC 29155-4

Systems and software engineering — Information technology project performance benchmarking framework — Part 4: Guidance for data collection and maintenance

Last updated: 11 May 2023

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14 Oct 2016


ISO/IEC 29155-4:2016 provides general requirements and guidance for collecting and maintaining data of information technology (IT) projects and for delivering the benchmarking repository within benchmarking activities of “the IT project performance benchmarking framework” by prescribing the following:
a) requirements and guidance for data element definitions;
b) requirements and guidance for the data collection and maintenance processes within the benchmarking framework;
c) requirements and guidance for maintaining benchmarking repository product and issued benchmarks.
ISO/IEC 29155-4:2016 mainly focuses on three major activities, which are “maintain repository”, “submit IT project data”, and “measure IT project” activities.
ISO/IEC 29155-4:2016 is intended for use by stakeholder(s) of IT project performance benchmarking (e.g. benchmarking user, benchmark provider, benchmarking service provider, and IT project team).
NOTE The following are examples of how this document can be used:
– by a benchmark provider, to define data elements, collect and maintain IT project data, and provide benchmarking repository product or issued benchmarks;
– by a benchmarking analyst, to use benchmarking repository product and/or benchmarks for executing an instance of benchmarking;
– by a benchmarking service provider, to utilize benchmarking repository product and/or benchmarks for providing benchmarking services;
– by an IT service provider, to define data elements to be measured and/or to be submitted to repository owner.
It is out of the scope of this document to prescribe a particular set of data element definitions, formats or contents of the benchmarking repository.
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Organisation: IEC
Committee: ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics

Referenced standards: ISO/IEC 12207 (2008-02), ISO/IEC 15288 (2008-02), ISO/IEC 15939 (2007-08), ISO/IEC 25012 (2008-12), ISO/IEC 25021 (2012-11), ISO/IEC 29155-1 (2011-12), ISO/IEC 29155-2 (2013-11)

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