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Shaping trust in AI for all


26 Oct 2023


9:30 am

 – 6:30 pm


Unity Place, 200 Grafton Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9


To amplify the conversations of the UK Government’s AI Safety Summit 2023, the British Standards Institution (BSI) organised a preliminary event – ‘Shaping Trust in AI for All’ – to explore and discuss pressing issues in the AI landscape. 

The event included a panel hosted by the AI Standards Hub alongside contributions by Paul Scully MP, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy, and AI experts from various stakeholder groups. 

The AI Standards Hub panel focused on the impact the Hub has had in its first year of operation. The discussion was guided by the pilot evaluation report published by the UK government and included the participation of: 

  • Paul Gaskell (DSIT)  
  • Sahar Danesh (BSI) 
  • Mark Levene (NPL) 
  • Florian Ostman (The Alan Turing Institute)  

Key Information

Event Type: In-person

Start time: 9:30 am

End time: 6:30 pm

Date: 26 Oct 2023

Location: Unity Place, 200 Grafton Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9


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