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Innovate UK BridgeAI: Demystifying the EU AI Act – Implications for UK businesses


26 Mar 2024


11:00 am

 – 12:00 pm




This webinar offers a deep dive into the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AIA) and a discussion of its implications for businesses in the UK.
Once adopted, the EU AIA will impact organisations well beyond Europe’s borders, and as the EU moves forward in its efforts to regulate AI, it is crucial for UK companies to understand how the new rules will impact their business.

With a view to providing guidance for UK organisations, this event offers an analysis of the key components of the EU AIA, provides participants with the latest updates on the state of play of European AI standardisation, and includes a private sector perspective on how to adapt to the evolving regulatory environment.

In the first part of the event, Arcangelo Leone de Castris (The Alan Turing Institute) will provide an overview of the scope and timeline of the EU AIA, its main objectives and requirements, including obligations for providers and users of AI, and the provisions on conformity assessments and governance. In the second part, Adam Leon Smith (UK Head of Delegation to CEN-CENELEC JTC 21) will discuss the latest developments in CEN-CENELEC JTC 21, the relevant technical committee of the two European Standards Organizations tasked by the European Commission with developing harmonised standards to support the implementation of the EU AIA. Finally, the third part will feature Sue Daley (TechUK), Roger Barker (Institute of Directors), and Chanell Daniels (Digital Catapult) who will represent the perspective of UK businesses and share views on how to prepare for the coming into effect of the EU AI rulebook.

The webinar will include interactive components that will provide the audience with the opportunity to share their views and ask questions to the speakers.


  • Overview of the EU AI Act
  • State of play of AI standardisation in European Standards Organisations
  • Implications of the EU AI Act for UK businesses
  • Interactive Q&A for audience engagement

Who should attend

If you are immersed in AI technologies, this webinar is a must. Whether you’re developing or adopting AI, grasp the essence of AI governance gathering insights from experts shaping its landscape.


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Event Type: Online

Free to attend: Yes

Start time: 11:00 am

End time: 12:00 pm

Date: 26 Mar 2024


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