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InnovateUK BridgeAI: AI governance – Key UK government initiatives and future direction


31 Jan 2024


11:00 am

 – 12:00 pm




The UK Government’s National AI Strategy, published in September 2021, sets out to create a regulatory framework for AI that supports growth and prosperity, builds public trust, and positions the UK as a global leader in AI. As part of this strategy, the government has pursued important initiatives, such as the establishment of the AI Standards Hub in October 2022 and the publication of a white paper on AI regulation in March 2023. The white paper was followed by a public consultation to which the government is expected to respond in January. In parallel, the Government recently convened global leaders at the AI Safety Summit and announced the creation of the Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute (AISI)

In this fast-paced and constantly changing landscape, it is key for UK organisations to understand the impact of and react promptly to regulatory change. In this webinar, Ellie Sweet (Head of AI Regulation Strategy, Engagement and Consultation) and Nikita Bhangu (Head of Digital Standards Policy) from the Department for Science Innovation and Technology (DSIT) will provide the BridgeAI community with the knowledge needed to understand the UK AI governance ecosystem in relation to the abovementioned developments.

The webinar will start with an overview of the National AI Strategy and the AI regulation white paper, with an emphasis on the role that standards and assurance techniques are expected to play in the UK’s regulatory approach to AI. It will also cover the key takeaways from the AI Safety Summit and will offer an outlook on the future of AI governance in the UK. The webinar will include interactive components that will provide the audience with the opportunity to share their views and ask questions to the speakers.  

Two additional webinars organized by The Alan Turing Institute for BridgeAI will follow this webinar. The first, scheduled for the end of February, will present a first-time overview of the results of research findings regarding how existing AI standards align with the five principles set by the AI regulation white paper. The second webinar, set for the end of March, will focus on the EU AI Act and the role that European harmonised standards will play in facilitating its implementation. 

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Host: BridgeAI

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Start time: 11:00 am

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Date: 31 Jan 2024


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