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International collaboration on AI standardisation: Key lessons and opportunities  


11 Apr 2024


2:00 pm

 – 4:00 pm




Achieving trustworthy AI is a global endeavour, demanding the creation of effective governance tools and processes that transcend national borders. Global standardisation plays a crucial role in this context, providing a key avenue for promoting alignment on best practice and interoperability of AI governance regimes.   

International cooperation and meaningful multistakeholder participation are central to developing AI standards that are timely, robust, and coherent. In parallel to the significant efforts already in place to develop international AI standards, the AI Standards Hub has been pursuing a programme of work focused on fostering international stakeholder networks dedicated to knowledge sharing, capacity and community building and collaborative research around AI standardisation. In doing so, the Hub draws on a unique partnership that brings together the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, the national standards body, and the national metrology (measurement) institute. Each organisation plays a valuable and distinct role in the domestic and international standards arena and value chain – be it research, standards setting or the technical measurement standards.    

This webinar is an opportunity to convene international stakeholders, share key learnings from this work programme to date, and explore opportunities ahead. Following a presentation on the Hub’s international engagements so far, the event will also feature a diverse panel of speakers from across different geographic regions to discuss the criticality of international cooperation and meaningful involvement from all stakeholder groups in the development and informed use of standards for AI.   

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Event Type: Online

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Start time: 2:00 pm

End time: 4:00 pm

Date: 11 Apr 2024

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