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What challenges do you face in using standards?
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    Stakeholder consultations during the development of the Hub’s strategy demonstrated that there is a growing importance assigned to AI standardisation across different stakeholder groups, including the private sector, civil society, government, regulatory bodies, and academia. While the roundtable discussions revealed a strong interest in navigating the AI standardisation landscape, many stakeholders highlighted significant challenges they face in using, or otherwise engaging with, published standards. From difficulties of identifying and tracking relevant standards to a lack of adequate resources at the organisation level, our consultations revealed a range of multifaceted obstacles that need to be addressed to ensure AI standards are widely adopted.

    Some of our existing resources such as the Standards Database and our training materials were designed to address these barriers and empower stakeholders to be more actively engaged with standardisation. However, we know that more work is needed in this area and our aim is to be guided by the community in determining how the Hub might best help to address challenges when it comes to using standards.

    Please share with us:

    Do you or your organisation face any obstacles in accessing, interpreting, or implementing published standards? What are the main factors that inhibit your organisation from engaging with published standards? How can the Hub help to overcome these barriers?


    Understanding the different terminologies and if they are the same across all sectors. It would be very helpful to have a terminology database that has all the terms & definitions compiled from all the standards located in the AI Hub, and explanations for any deviations in definitions between different standards and different sectors.

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