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Strategies and roadmaps

Defence artificial intelligence strategy


Our vision is that, in terms of AI, we will be the world’s most effective, efficient, trusted and influential Defence organisation for our size: Effective – through the delivery of battle-winning capability and supporting functions, and in terms of our ability to collaborate and partner with the UK’s allies and AI ecosystem. Efficient – through innovative use of technology to deliver capability, conduct operations, and realise productivity benefits across our organisation. Trusted – by the public, our partners and our people, for the safety and reliability of our AI systems, and our clear commitment to lawful and ethical AI use in line with our core values. Influential – in terms of shaping the global development of AI technologies and managing AI-related issues to positive ends, working collaboratively and leading by example.

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Jurisdiction: UK - UK-wide

Name of organisation: Ministry of Defence

Date published: 15 Jun 2022


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