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The roadmap to an effective AI assurance ecosystem


The CDEI has set out the steps required to build an effective and mature AI assurance ecosystem in the UK. A thriving ecosystem of assurance services and products for AI will enable those involved in the development and deployment of AI to assess the trustworthiness of AI systems, and communicate this information to others. Publication of the roadmap, which is the first of its kind, delivers on a commitment made in the National AI Strategy. The roadmap identifies priority areas for action, and sets out the roles and responsibilities of different actors in this emerging ecosystem. To develop the roadmap, the CDEI engaged widely, conducted multidisciplinary research, and worked with partners in the public, private sector and academia to run pilot projects. This included working with a team of researchers at UCL to investigate the audit and assurance of AI systems in industry. Alongside publication of the roadmap, the CDEI has released an extended version, which provides further detail about the role of AI assurance in driving trustworthy adoption of AI, the six priority areas for action that it has identified, and the follow up work the CDEI will be undertaking. Additionally, the CDEI has published an assurance guide, which is focused on the delivery of AI assurance, and aims to support practitioners and others using or providing AI assurance.

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Date published: 12 Aug 2021


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