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Strategic Research Agenda supporting the EMN Mathmet by addressing EURAMET’s key priorities and challenges in mathematics and statistics in metrology


This document constitutes the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for the European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology (EMN Mathmet). The EMN Mathmet is an alliance of European National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), Designated Institutes (DIs) and an EMN Partner that aims to strengthen research and cooperation in that field. The SRA has been developed within a European project (EMPIR 18NET05 MATHMET) to promote and support the network. The SRA was developed based on a consultation process with stakeholders and the strategies of individual NMIs and DIs. As a key result, the SRA defines a long-term research goal: the EMN Mathmet shall coordinate research to strengthen the trust in algorithms, software tools and data to underpin digital transformation. For this purpose, new emerging research topics where algorithms, software tools and data play a significant role were identified: (i) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and (ii) Computational Modelling and Virtual Metrology. The foundation for the development of these new topics is given by the traditional focus on (iii) uncertainty quantification and classical data analysis. The SRA characterises the future needs and challenges in the field of mathematics and statistics in metrology and provides an outline of how the EMN Mathmet can meet these new emerging requirements.

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Name of organisation: EMN Mathmet
Type of organisation: Research institution

Country of publication: EU

Language: English

Date published: 1 Jan 2023


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