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A guide to good practice for digital and data-driven health technologies


This guide is designed to support innovators in understanding what the NHS is looking for when it buys digital and data-driven technology for use in health and care, so that these principles of good practice can be built into the strategy and product development ‘by design’. This, in turn, will mean that when products are presented for assessment or procurement, many of the criteria in the specification will have already been met. The intention is to smooth the path between development and procurement so that the NHS may realise the benefits that digital technologies can bring. This guide is an update to the ‘Code of Conduct for Data-Driven Health and Care Technologies’. We hear from innovators that they valued the practical advice within the Code and this has been strengthened and expanded upon in this update. The principles relating to data in the original Code have been grouped under Principle 6 and 7 in this document. Guidance on technical assurance, clinical safety, and regulation have been expanded and now comprise their own chapters. The document has been updated throughout to reflect the latest position, for example, in light of Brexit and the creation of the Centre for Improving Data Collaboration. Links have also been checked and updated.

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