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Algorithmic transparency standard


The Algorithmic Transparency Standard helps public sector organisations provide clear information about the algorithmic tools they use, and why they’re using them.

Algorithmic transparency means being open about how algorithmic tools support decisions. This includes providing information on algorithmic tools and algorithm-assisted decisions in a complete, open, understandable, easily-accessible, and free format.

The standard is made up of an:

  • algorithmic transparency data standard
  • algorithmic transparency template and guidance that helps public sector organisations provide information to the data standard

The Algorithmic Transparency Standard is part of the government’s National Data Strategy. The strategy has a commitment to explore an appropriate and effective way to deliver greater transparency on algorithm-assisted decision making in the public sector. The National AI Strategy reiterated this commitment, with an action to conduct research that will help develop a cross-government standard for algorithmic transparency.

CDDO developed the standard collaboratively by working with civil society groups and external experts. It’s also informed by a public engagement study run by the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation and Britain Thinks.

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