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Emerging processes for frontier AI safety


The UK has encouraged frontier AI organisations to publish details on their frontier AI safety policies ahead of the AI Safety Summit 2023.

This document complements those AI safety policies by providing an overview of emerging frontier AI safety processes and associated practices is intended to inform the development of frontier AI organisations’ safety policies and as a companion for readers of these policies consolidates leading thinking in AI safety from research institutes and academia, companies and civil society, with whom we have collaborated throughout its development
It’s aimed at leading AI organisations, those at the frontier of capabilities and at the cutting edge of AI development and those who want to better understand their safety policies.

We invite frontier AI organisations to consider the document in ways most appropriate to the risks posed by their specific models and the context in which they are developed and deployed.

This content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0

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Jurisdiction: UK - UK-wide

Date published: 27 Oct 2023

License: Open Government License (OGL)


Domain: Horizontal
Topic: Safety

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