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Scotland’s artificial intelligence strategy: trustworthy, ethical and inclusive


Our Strategy marks a new chapter in Scotland’s relationship with artificial intelligence. It is the result of an extensive consultation and engagement programme involving academia, industry, the public sector and the people of Scotland who were generous with their time, contributing ideas, insights and opinion on AI. Their knowledge and expertise have helped to shape the Strategy and we’re grateful for the input of everyone who was part of this process.

We believe the significance of the Strategy lies in the fact that it looks beyond the technology itself to focus more closely on AI’s role in our society. Much of what we take for granted today happens because AI is working behind the scenes, driving change and technological innovation on an unprecedented scale. However, the use and adoption of AI should be on our terms if we are to build trust between the people of Scotland and AI.

The purpose of this Strategy is to help us realise our vision: Scotland will become a leader in the development and use of trustworthy, ethical and inclusive AI. Our Strategy makes a compelling case for sustained investment in Scotland’s AI ecosystem. Our universities, research institutes and tech businesses are worldclass, however in the global race to adopt AI we can’t afford to fall behind. Scotland should be a leader in AI technologies and we have identified the actions we’ll take to achieve this:

  • The collective leadership of the Scottish AI Alliance
  • Creating foundations for success
  • Building an AI Powerhouse

These key actions are set out in a detailed roadmap, which confirms immediate and longer-term priorities as the Strategy is launched and rolled out across Scotland.

We are also introducing the Scottish AI Playbook – an open guide to the principles, practices and actions we will adopt to realise our vision. For the first time, everything you need to know about AI in Scotland can be found in one indispensable digital resource. Our Strategy makes it clear that when it comes to AI, Scotland means business. If you work in AI, are involved in a business that is adopting AI technologies or would like to learn more about the role it plays in our lives, we hope you find our Strategy informative and inspiring.

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