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Code of practice: automated vehicle trialling


This Code is primarily intended to be used by organisations or individuals planning to trial or pilot automated vehicle technologies and services.

This Code aims to:

  • support and promote the safe trialling and use of automated vehicle technologies and services on public roads or in other public places in the UK and build public confidence in automated vehicle technologies and services
  • support cooperation between trialling organisations and those responsible for the management of traffic, infrastructure, law enforcement, and other areas to support maximum road safety
  • encourage sharing of information to help uphold and develop the highest standards of safety in the UK and internationally

Information in this Code might also be useful for local authorities, highways authorities, emergency services, licensing authorities and others that are looking for guidance on how to engage with trialling organisations.

This Code seeks to facilitate trialling a wide range of road vehicles, from new types of road vehicles such as smaller automated pods and shuttles, through to more conventional vehicle types such as passenger, goods, and public service vehicles.

This Code has not been developed with a view to the testing and development of driver assistance systems (such as adaptive cruise control) or to trials and pilots carried out on private test tracks or other areas not accessible by the public. Those undertaking such trials are nonetheless encouraged to consider whether the guidelines may be relevant.

This content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0

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