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The future of connected and automated mobility in the UK: call for evidence


This call for evidence aimed to:

  • identify areas of expected UK competitive advantage in the future global CAM supply chain, and early opportunities for commercialisation
  • understand if there is still a case for government support beyond its regulatory function, and – if so – build up an evidence base for this, with a focus on where government support can be most effective in securing a larger share of the future global market in CAM services
  • identify if and how CAM technologies can support wider government priorities such as net zero, levelling up, and a strong economic recovery from coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • understand if and how investment in CAM can help future proof the UK’s existing automotive, logistics and wider mobility industries, recognising the value chain will shift towards these technologies in the longer term
  • identify any cross-cutting opportunities for CAM with other modes such as aerospace, defence and maritime, and if there is any international best practice the UK can learn from

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