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Standards at a glance


5. Participating in standards development 


Standardisation is a multistakeholder process that depends on a diverse range of expertise to ensure that standards are effective and widely accepted.

Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) have existing commitments to encouraging stakeholder participation in standards development and use. For example, European Standardisation organisations are required to encourage and facilitate the participation of all relevant stakeholders in their standardisation activities, including SMEs, consumer organisations, and environmental and social stakeholders.

However, stakeholders, in particular smaller organisations such as NGOs and SMEs, can nevertheless find it difficult to contribute to and maintain involvement in standards development efforts. This means that achieving deep and meaningful engagement does not always happen in practice.

Diverse and meaningful participation is a high priority objective for standards development, and one that is at the core of the AI Standards Hub’s mission. Multi-stakeholder representation and participation in the development process is an important precondition for ensuring that the resulting standards are sound, effective, and meet societal needs and expectations.

Core to the AI Standards Hub’s mission is ensuring that members of all stakeholder groups, and especially those that are often underrepresented in standards development processes, are empowered to actively engage with this space.

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