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Implementing the UK’s AI regulatory principles: Initial guidance for regulators


“This guidance sets out the considerations that regulators may wish to have when developing tools and guidance to implement the UK’s approach to AI regulation. It builds on our White Paper commitment to produce guidance for regulators to support the implementation of the UK’s five pro-innovation regulatory principles.
It is not intended to be a prescriptive guide on implementation as the principles are voluntary and how they are considered is ultimately at regulators’ discretion. Elements of this guidance may not be applicable to regulators who adopt a ‘technology agnostic’ approach to regulation as long as these regulators are satisfied that their regulatory framework adequately covers issues relating to AI adoption. This is the first phase of guidance – we have been working actively with regulators to develop this and will continue to do so as we refine and further develop it.

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Jurisdiction: UK - UK-wide

Date published: February 2024

License: Crown Copyright 2022


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